Mario cake

Mario cake

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jersey and not the Real Housewives one

Well, the jersey cake is finished.  This is the first cake I have ever carved.  It was a learning curve.  It is far from perfect but it is ok for a first.  I hope no one looks at it too closely. 
Lauren, just take a quick picture in front of it and then start carving it up!  ;)
I can't talk about my next cake project yet but you can bet when I can, I will be posting pictures and giving you the scoop.  After that one, I have one for a Princess' 1st birthday party and another for a baby shower the same day.  I might need to look into getting me some elves! :?)  My business cards are on order.  Look for one in your Christmas card.
A picture of the Jersey cake is below. 

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