Mario cake

Mario cake

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jersey and not the Real Housewives one

Well, the jersey cake is finished.  This is the first cake I have ever carved.  It was a learning curve.  It is far from perfect but it is ok for a first.  I hope no one looks at it too closely. 
Lauren, just take a quick picture in front of it and then start carving it up!  ;)
I can't talk about my next cake project yet but you can bet when I can, I will be posting pictures and giving you the scoop.  After that one, I have one for a Princess' 1st birthday party and another for a baby shower the same day.  I might need to look into getting me some elves! :?)  My business cards are on order.  Look for one in your Christmas card.
A picture of the Jersey cake is below. 

Friday, November 26, 2010

OS Who?

So I finished decorating my stadium cake for my Small Group OU/OSWho? social.  I like the cake pans from Williams Sonoma, etc but I must say they are really not to bake cakes in that you plan to ice.  The mold of the pan is designed to make the beauty of the cake so that you only need to drizzle a glaze or dust with powdered sugar.  Even so, I had to add SOME buttercream to my stadium cake.  I mean seriously, what is cake without the icing? :) 
I was sitting here tonight and thinking about those I have been making cakes for so far.  Every person means something special to me.  My next two cakes are for phenomenal women.  One is a high school senior who has recently signed to play soccer at OBU and the other I have to keep a secret for another week or so.  I feel honored to create these cakes because these cakes help mark milestones in these ladies' lives.  How blessed am I that in a small way I can take part?


Well, here it is.  My first blog for Tiers of Joy.  After much encouragement from my family and friends, I am putting my love of baking out there for others.  I pray those of you who get to experience one of my cakes first hand will experience as much joy seeing and tasting it as I do creating it.  I would love to write more but I have a cake waiting for me in my kitchen.  Pictures soon. :)