Mario cake

Mario cake

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wedding Bells

I hear wedding bells for one beautiful bride. :)  I am working this week on a cake for a very pretty lady.  This is my first wedding cake.  I must admit I get butterflies if I think about it too much.  We all know how perfect we want our wedding day to be and there are a few things during that day that we want to be memorable and special.  I know for me it was the church, the dress and the cake.  I have been doing research to make sure I make the cake as special and wonderful as possible.  I cant wait to post pictures! 
I also have a birthday cake and some birthday cupcakes baking this weekend.  The birthday cake is a design that is becoming somewhat of my signature.  It has the zebra bottom with polka dots in lime green and hot pink on the top.  (Just like the one at the top of my blog.)  The cupcakes will be super moist, super rich carrot cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting.  No box cake mix here! ;)
I hope your new year is starting off fantastic!  If not, today is a new day so start new now.

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  1. OH YUMMMM!!! Carrot cake is my favorite :).

    I can't wait to see the Wedding Cake, I am positive it will be stunning!

    Keep it up Aimee!